Grippe les principales épidémies dans le monde

Grippe : les principales épidémies dans le mondeL’épidémie de grippe 2018 bat son plein en France, avec des symptômes comme de la fièvre, une toux et une fatigue intense. L’épidémie de grippe tue chaque année des centaines voire des milliers de personnes dans le monde et en France. Quelles sont les pires que la monde ait connuRead More


Gadgets to Scratch Your Nintendo Switch Itch

After an eternity of waiting to find out just what the Nintendo Switch even was, waiting two more months for Nintendo’s next system to arrive this March doesn’t feel so bad. Still, some of us are more patient than others. And if the console/handheld hybrid proves popular, you might be waiting longer than expected to snag one. So whatRead More


Comics Were Excited For In 2018

Comics have been shaking things up in the previous year. Slowly but surely, we’re seeing a new batch of creators and publishers who aren’t afraid to excite us with some daring, raw and original storytelling as we’ve never seen before. This also seems to be the case in 2018 but even more so. We’re in the era of comics changing slightly andRead More